Tom Tobia

I am a designer, and the founder of Makerversity, a making and learning space at Somerset House, London.

Additionally I work with people, groups, organisations and institutions to design and explore ideas for social change. In particular, I'm interested in alternative education, building resilient populations, digital manufacturing, technology, food and how they all interconnect.
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From Cornwall With Love: A Dott Cornwall Project

imageFrom Cornwall with Love looks for radical and inventive ways to promote the values of Cornwall through its products and produce. By establishing a link between the future brand and aspirations of the county, the aim of From Cornwall with Love is to stimulate growth in the dynamic businesses that will underpin Cornwall’s future economy.

From Cornwall with Love focused on both products by local designers and makers as well as food produce, seeking to increase their availability and visibility.

Through innovative implementation of the Dott process, the From Cornwall with Love team facilitated in depth exploration of the key challenges facing the promotion of quality Cornish products and produce.

We engaged and worked with producers, consumers, residents, visitors to Cornwall, retailers, buyers, the press, and key figureheads at existing initiatives. This ensured a) focused outcomes truly representative of the needs of each group affected by the brief, and b) a sense of public ownership of the outcomes.

The images depict various people we met, and events we ran or took part in during the ‘diagnose’ and ‘co-discover’ stages of the project. Click on the ‘Dott Cornwall’ tag below to see all FCWL posts.





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