Tom Tobia

I am a designer, and the founder of Makerversity, a making and learning space at Somerset House, London.

Additionally I work with people, groups, organisations and institutions to design and explore ideas for social change. In particular, I'm interested in alternative education, building resilient populations, digital manufacturing, technology, food and how they all interconnect.
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FARM:shop: A farm in a shop in Dalston, London.

imageA social and agrarian experiment to see how much food can be grown in a shop in East London. It is a chance for the local community to engage first hand with the growing process, and with those who grow it.

A collaborative proposal and successful funding application with collective Something & Son. Something & Son have taken the reigns to run the project, and it opened amidst great excitement in October 2010. Please check out their website for more information on FARM:shop and their other great work.

Over four floors of a disused shop, the FARM:Shop team are growing as much food as possible to the highest ecological and animal welfare standards - salad, herbs and vegetables in hydroponic arrays, mushrooms in a darkened room, ‘catch your own’ fish ponds, laying hens, weaners and veg in the garden.

The entire space will be designed as a functional installation – both an invocation of the worlds behind our food, and a practical way of connecting visitors with them. FARM:shop is an opportunity to bring together both ends of what is often an unnecessarily convoluted food chain, particularly in large urban areas.

FARM:shop is not just another organic grocers. It will cater for, and in conjunction with the local community. The types of produce grown will be determined by the needs and desires of those living nearby.





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